Monday, March 24, 2014

My Little Beauty Turns 6 Today

As of today 24 Mac 2014
you are 6 years old.
Last year when you turned 5
it was a very big moment for mama and papa.
Turning 5 meant there was no more baby or toddler in you.
And now that you are 6 ?

I really can't believe its been 6 years
since my daughter was born
it really is amazing how time goes by 

From now on, your age can be referred
to as a grade in school
and you'll need to use both hands to show your ages :)

I wish for you to always be surrounded with much happiness and positivity

We knew that Allah truly loved us a lot
when he gifted us with you.
You are the most beautiful gift anyone has ever been gifted with.
We love you a lot

On your birthday we wish that Allah blesses you abundantly 
and fills your heart with more love

Happy 6th birthday to our dearest daughter. 

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Adlin Mohamad said...

Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan kamu..Allah selamatkan kyra ..Allah selamatkan kamu ...

be gud girl ..

Cho Zila said...

selamat hari jadi.. selamat hari jadi.. selamat hari jadi untuk Kyra.. selamat hari jadi..
tahniah Kyra ..dah besarpun sekarangni... auntie rasa macam barujer dulu kecik sekarang dah besar comel...
moga jadi anak solehah yang menjadi kesayangan ibu dah ayah...

::NureeN:: said...

hepi besday dear..
alahaii seriusnya kamooo
cumil posing dpn kek :)